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Superior Technology Services Co.

"We take the pain out of Information Technology"

Superior Technology Services Co. is a Maine owned information technology services company serving business and municipalities located in New England.

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COVID-19 Assistance

We can set up Work-from-Home hardware and software, including VPN (Virtual Private Network) to ensure security and privacy.

Voice Over IP Telephone Systems

Do you need unified communications to increase productivity while lowering recurring costs? We build VOIP telephone systems using hardware and software from Sangoma. Then we mate them with top-rated telephones and supporting devices from Sangoma, Polycom, and Yealink. Also, we know how to configure your local area network (LAN) to work optimally with VOIP.

Routers, Firewalls and VPNs

Is your old router slowing you down? Do you need content control and accountability on your network? Older routers simply cannot keep up with today’s Internet speeds and workloads. New technologies and regulations often are beyond the capacity of your firewall or router. We work with routers from Cisco, Linksys, and Netgear to keep your network running efficiently. When a firewall is needed we install, configure and manage Watchguard firewalls. Nearly all vendors offer some sort of VPN to connect to their routers and firewalls.

Server and Desktop Support for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux

We can assist with your servers, or specify and build a new one for your business, using your choice of virtualization hypervisors and operating systems.

Backups, Data Retention, and Disaster Recovery

If you haven’t backed up this week, and you don’t remember when the last time you tried to recover a file from your backup, it’s time to implement a reliable system to back up your critical data. Call us, and we will start to help you get this critical task done with easy to use tools that won’t break the bank.

Malware Prevention and Remediation

Is your computer acting strangely? Is it unusually slow, or are you getting notifications that your computer is sending unwanted email messages or social media posts? We can help you with products from Panda Security and Malwarebytes. We also proactively remotely monitor your systems to ensure that your antivirus is up to date.

Network Design, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting

Is your network “not working?” Is it slowing you down? We can find problems and recommend ways to solve them. Whether it’s Ethernet, WiFi, Wide Area Networking (WAN), Cellular or Fixed Wireless we can get it working the way you expect.

Field Service Engineer Services

Do you need “smart hands and eyes” in New England? We are experts at getting to the job site on time, following procedures, determining the most efficient course of action and getting the job done, on budget and on time.

WordPress Website Hosting and Maintenance

Do you have a WordPress website and need a reliable and available company to host it and maintain it? We do this and more.


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Our Approach

We like to do things a little differently and listen first. We want to identify and confirm your needs so we can develop the perfect solution at a fair price. We know that every customer is different and a “one size fits all” approach isn’t the best.

We want to get you the most efficient use of your technology in a professional and affordable manner. We are a local business and like building long-term relationships with our customers. Your success is our success. We respect your time and you can be sure that we will be there when we say we will.

Got questions?  Call us!  We’ll do what it takes to help you solve your computer and information technology problems. We’ll be there on time and on budget whether you need us one-time or ongoing.  We promise to go the extra mile, make technology easy for you and absolutely guarantee our work.

Call us at (207) 835-4090 now!

Who We Are

 Who We Are

Darren Ellis, Network Engineer

Picture of Darren EllisOn any given day, I can be found working on computers in some fashion. My passion for computers started 35 years ago while I was still in high school & grew when I went on to study computer science at Andover College in Portland, Maine. I have extensive knowledge of both Windows and Macintosh systems. I also have a proven track record of successful implementations with Linux since 1994. My decades of work in the many areas of information technology have allowed me to develop extensive skills in technology hardware and software, such as routers and routing, firewalls, VPNs, and much more. I design, specify, build, and maintain servers, including virtual servers. I also design, specify, build and maintain computer networks, including wide area and local area networks (LAN & WAN). I also design and support voice over IP (VOIP) telephone systems from one person offices to call centers. I am a natural and expert troubleshooter in the Information Technology industry. The computer industry is my vocation and my avocation.  My years of experience serve to benefit you in finding the perfect solution to your information technology needs. 

 Shari Pearson, Customer ServiceSuperior Technology Services Co. Shari Pearson Photo

My name is Shari Pearson, and I have been a customer service representative the majority of my career. I worked for Hannaford Supermarkets in my earlier years as a Front End Supervisor. I then went on to work for Central Maine Power for eight years as a customer service representative. I opened up new accounts, worked with customers about their usage needs and did collections. It was a wonderful job with great diversity. I then went on to Dunlap Insurance Agency as a property and Casualty representative.I have always enjoyed working with customers and solving their problems. My goal is always to have a customer walk away with a smile on their face and a positive experience. Without the customer, there is no job, so it is my goal is to keep every customer happy by solving their problems. 

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